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1Borneo – The First And The Largest Lifestyle Hyper Mall

Posted at May 10th, 2011 | Categorised in Shopping And Entertainments

1Borneo Hypermall

1Borneo Lifestyle Hyper Mall is Sabah’s largest shopping mall and is located at Jalan Sulaman Highway, about 7km away from the city centre.

The mall is home to a large collection of restaurants, designer clothing, department stores, entertainment outlets, appliance stores and hypermarkets. The Hypermall also houses 3 hotels, 2 apartment block towers, a cinema multiplex, bowling alley, children playgrounds, entertainment outlets, night spots and plus many more.

autorium1Borneo Hypermall

Events & Exhibition At 1Borneo

Thanks to the large exhibition areas around the mall, 1Borneo Hyper Mall often hosts exhibitions, events and other high profile events which attract thousands of visitors such as the PC Fair and Sabah International Halal Showcase. The only downside is parking and traffic can sometimes be a problem at 1Borneo.

With only one way out to Kota Kinabalu town, drivers are often caught in a long traffic congestion especially during peak hour (lunch hour). There are several public transportation options to and from the hyper mall, including 1Borneo’s own shuttle bus, KK’s City Bus and of course, taxis.

– Kota Kinabalu Travel Guide

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