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A Short Review: What Good Travel Guide Must Haves?

Posted at January 10th, 2016 | Categorised in Information

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Approximately 99% of the entire population love taking vacations – if this means going to the beach or exploring different parts of the world while indulging in delicious treats, being mesmerized with the clear waters and breath taking sceneries and just taking an off from work, everybody surely loves the idea of it. If you are planning a vacation with the entire family or with a group of friends, one of the most important things that you have to look for is a reliable travel guide.

Regardless of where you want to go or what you want to do during your vacation, looking for a reliable travel guide is an ideal way to keep a stress-free and hassle free vacation.


Whenever you’re planning to go somewhere you haven’t been to before, looking for a guide that would tell you which places should be visited including restaurants, hotels and tourist spots can bring a lot of relief. This simply implies that planning a vacation doesn’t even involve a lot of hassles and stressful events.

A good travel guide should have at least:

  • A list of the best and the most affordable hotels within the country or city. Finding good accommodation rates and staying at one of the best hotels seem like a difficult task. But as long as you have a good travel guide to depend on, you’ll definitely find one that can address all of your needs.
  • Air fare is another thing that you have to prepare for when planning a vacation. If you intend to go to another country, finding cheap plane tickets can greatly help you cut costs. Most often than not, a travel guide would suggest a couple of deals online or even give you some coupon codes for amazing discounts and deals on air fare.
  • Lastly, a good travel guide should have an itinerary or a list of the places that you “have to” visit. Tourist spots and destinations are something that could make your entire vacation memorable, and you can’t miss visiting those!

Kota Kinabalu Travel Guide

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