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LOGOS HOPE – Bringing Knowledge, Help And Hope

Posted at December 10th, 2011 | Categorised in Events And Promotions


It was just last year that I was aboard the MV Doulous which berth in the Kota Kinabalu port for a few weeks.  It was touted as the biggest floating bookstore and so is Logos Hope, which is currently hosting a bookfair at the KK port.  According to its welcome brochure, there are over 45 nationalities and over 5,000 book titles on board the Logos Hope.  However, probably as it has been welcoming visitors and customers for a few weeks now, I think there are barely 3,000 titles left.  But I bet it is still the biggest floating bookstore around.



The Logos Hope team deserves praise for their superb organization in handling the incoming and outgoing visitors.  Firstly, they have arranged for two (2) comfortably big buses to faithfully ferry visitors from the entry point to Logos Hope non-stop (I think) from 10am-10pm. Then, they have team members to welcome and send-off visitors as they step on the bus.  The paths are clearly defined so that there will be absolutely no collision between the incoming and outgoing visitors.




The books are priced in units and they have set the price at RM8-00 per 100 units.  Therefore a book at 200 units is RM16-00.  Aside from books, there were also stationeries, inflatable world globes, greeting cards, souvenir pens, mugs, etc.  One thing remained the same though – there is always a child that got separated from her/his parents and there are always helpful people around to help locate the busy parents.  It is so easy to get engrossed in the books!




The decoration is much improved compared to the previous ship. Amazingly, though they have been opened for a few weeks, the turnout never dwindles whether weekday or weekend (judging from the lack of parking spaces), daylight or night time.  The visit was truly a treat for me.

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