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State Library At Suria Sabah

Posted at September 18th, 2012 | Categorised in Information

I would really like for everyone in KK to check out the Sabah State Library (‘SSL‘) at Suria Sabah. It is on the 4th Floor, I believe just above the Times Bookstore. Though the space is smaller and the books are less, there are still quite a wide range of reading materials worth checking out.

Two weeks ago, from the 1st – 9th September, SSL organised a book fair at Suria.

It was not as grand as the Popular Book Fest at KLCC but it was a commendable effort.

There was even a blood donation drive, which I was happy to participate.




At the moment, I am checking out a few past issues of the ‘Astronomy‘ and am quite astounded by the developments in the field.  I have really not expanded my learnings in that field since SPM. And looking at the recent UPSR Science paper, I realise that I don’t have the planetary system in order!

An article in the ‘Astronomy‘ of December 2011, entitled ‘Mercury Planet of Fire and Ice‘ (page 28), piqued my interest.  It made me think about Mars and the old Swazzeneggar movie ‘Total Recall‘ until I read, ‘…The fact that astronomers even debate the existence of ice on the planet nearest the Sun points to Mercury’s strangeness. Afterall, noontime temperatures on Mercury can reach 800° Fahrenheit (427° Celcius)….’

Wait a minute! Mercury….Mars! I mixed up the two planets in my mind….. Now I remember!

Really, I must brush up on my astronomy, at least on our planetary system. And there are very unnerving, though quite amazing, pics of a black hole eating a star. And also a snippet about Nasa’s spacecraft Juno which was launched on 5th August 2012, embarking on a 5-year trip to the solar system’s largest planet, Jupiter (Greek mythology here : Juno, the wife of Jupiter).

And there are more….

So, for those in KK who has not visited the dear library for a long, long, time, last week was Amnesty Week, a good time to send in your long overdue books.  I’m not sure about this week, though. I think this is the second Amnesty Week for this year.

Hooray!  They need to do this more often and make proper announcement.


Pic credit: www.ssl.sabah.gov.my

I hope the new building, somewhere near to the Perdana Park in Tanjung Aru, will be the best library that can be made – you know, with nice facilities, friendly staff, good books, etc, etc… my list is endless…..

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5 Comments for State Library At Suria Sabah

  • Esther says:

    Hello KKTG,
    Great job! Thank you for the wonderful promotion for our dear Library@suria as well as the HQ Library next to Wisma Pertanian, The Gaya Teachers Training Institute, and the Tropical Rainforest Park. More news at our website, especially on the BM Short Story Writing Competition, launched during our Reading Campaign Inaugural Ceremony held on the 18th February 2013, at Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. Please click on

    Thank you.

  • Esther says:

    Hello Library lovers, bookworms, bloggers, and writers alike. Our Bahasa Malaysia Short Story Writing Competition or officially known as Pertandingan Menulis Cerpen has come to a close. The deadline was 18 June 2013. The Organising Committee has decided that the date will not be extended, so those of you who missed this chance, should really make it next time. Very sorry for those who were hoping to see it extended. For those who managed to beat the clock, “bravo”!!! As of today, your entries have been handed over to the judges for a two and a half month’s gruelling task of evaluation and final selection of the lucky 10 winners in each category. Stay tune! Come October 2013, we hope to see the roll out of the names of the grand winners. Drop by our HQ Sabah State Library, Jalan Tasik, Off Jalan Maktab Gaya, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu, if you happen to go brisk walking or jogging at the Tropical Rainforest Park for a cool refreshing and relaxing atmosphere. As this KK Travel Guide mentioned, exam fever is coming up soon, seats are bound to be taken up by mid afternoon, if you come in the morning, you have it all to yourself. See you at the Library.

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